25: The Criterion

Cruelty and Violence

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Cruelty in Surah 25

  1. Those who deny the coming of the Hour will be chained together and burned with fire. They will pray for their own destruction. 25:11-13

  2. Allah will force the evil-doers to taste great torment. 25:19

  3. It will be a hard day for disbelievers and wrong-doers. They will gnaw on their hands and wish they had chosen Islam. 25:26-27

  4. "Those who will be gathered on their faces unto hell" 25:34

  5. Those who deny Muhammad's revelations will be destroyed. 25:36

  6. Allah drowned everyone in the flood of Noah, and has prepared a painful doom for evil-doers. 25:37

  7. "They [the non-muslims] will know, when they behold the doom, who is more astray as to the road." 25:42

  8. "The doom of hell; lo! the doom thereof is anguish." 25:65

  9. Those who cry out to another god with Allah will be tormented doubly in hell. 25:68-69