19: Mary

Cruelty and Violence

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Cruelty in Surah 19

  1. "Woe unto the disbelievers from the meeting of an awful Day."
    Jesus was not the Son of God. Those who say he was (Christians) are going to hell. 19:35-37

  2. Allah will pluck out from every sect those who should burn in hell. 19:69-70

  3. "How many a generation have We destroyed before them?"
    Allah brags about destroying entire generations. 19:74

  4. Allah will prolong the lives of non-believers so they can see their punishment, either in this world or in the Hour of doom. 19:75

  5. Allah will record what disbelievers say and then prolong their torment. 19:77-79

  6. Allah has sent the devils on the disbelievers to confuse them. 19:83

  7. Allah will "drive the guilty unto hell, a weary herd." 19:86

  8. Allah has destroyed many generations. 19:98