Surah 16: Selected Verses

  1. He hath created man from a drop of fluid. 16:4
  2. Had He willed He would have led you all aright. 16:9
  3. What hath your Lord revealed? they say: (Mere) fables of the men of old. 16:24
  4. Disgrace this day and evil are upon the disbelievers. 16:27
  5. Enter the gates of hell, to dwell therein for ever. 16:29
  6. Those who disbelieved may know that they were liars. 16:39
  7. Their shadows incline to the right and to the left, making prostration unto Allah. 16:48
  8. Choose not two gods. There is only One God. So of Me, Me only, be in awe. 16:51
  9. Assuredly theirs will be the Fire, and they will be abandoned. 16:62
  10. Theirs will be a painful doom. 16:63
  11. We give you ... grapes, whence ye derive strong drink. 16:66-67
  12. Thy Lord inspired the bee, saying ... eat of all fruits. 16:68-69
  13. The matter of the Hour (of Doom) is but as a twinkling of the eye, or it is nearer still. 16:77
  14. For those who disbelieve and debar (men) from the way of Allah, We add doom to doom. 16:88
  15. Forasmuch as ye debarred (men) from the way of Allah, and yours should be an awful doom. 16:94
  16. When We put a revelation in place of (another) revelation, - and Allah knoweth best what He revealeth - they say: Lo! thou art but inventing. 16:101
  17. Those who disbelieve the revelations of Allah, Allah guideth them not and theirs will be a painful doom. 16:104
  18. Only they invent falsehood who believe not Allah's revelations, and (only) they are the liars. 16:105
  19. Whoso disbelieveth in Allah after his belief ... On them is wrath from Allah. Theirs will be an awful doom. 16:106
  20. Allah guideth not the disbelieving folk. 16:107
  21. Such are they whose hearts and ears and eyes Allah hath sealed. Assuredly in the Hereafter they are the losers. 16:108-9
  22. Theirs a painful doom. 16:117