Psalms Trivia:

The Psalms


  1. The righteous and the ungodly
  2. Kiss the son (or he might kill you)
  3. God breaks the teeth of the ungodly
  4. I'm going sleep now
  5. Destroy my enemies, Oh God
  6. Dead people don't remember you
  7. God will test our hearts and kidneys
  8. God, you have a great name!
  9. Huzzah!
  10. Why are you hiding, God?
  11. Fire and brimstone
  12. God will cut off flattering lips
  13. Forever
  14. The fool
  15. Who will live on God's holy hill?
  16. In your right hand are pleasures forever.
  17. Oh God, listen to me
  18. He teaches my hands to war
  19. The firmament shows God's handywork
  20. The name of the God of Jacob
  21. Swallow them up in your wrath, Oh Lord
  22. Why won't you help me, God?
  23. I'm a sheep. God's my shepherd.
  24. King of the hill
  25. Don't let me be ashamed
  26. I won't slide
  27. I want to live in God's house
  28. Blessed be God because he listens to me
  29. God sits on a flood
  30. Oh God, you've brought my soul up from the grave
  31. I have hated them
  32. My bones waxed old
  33. By the breath of his mouth
  34. Bible Up!
  35. Oh God, get out your spear and fight for me
  36. The river of God's pleasures
  37. The wicked and the righteous
  38. David's loins
  39. I was dumb with silence
  40. Aha Aha!
  41. Whisperers
  42. Where is your God?
  43. An ungodly nation
  44. In the place of dragons
  45. My tongue is the pen of a ready writer
  46. The earth melted
  47. God is terrible
  48. The city of God
  49. A dark saying
  50. Will I drink the blood of goats?
  51. My mother conceived me in sin
  52. The righteous will laugh
  53. The fool
  54. Save me, Oh God, with your name
  55. Let them all die and go to hell
  56. Tears in a bottle
  57. I'm going to wake up early
  58. He shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked
  59. Behold, they belch out with their mouths
  60. Moab is my washpot
  61. The rock that is higher than I
  62. According to his work
  63. My flesh longs for God
  64. God will shoot them with an arrow
  65. The river of God
  66. God is terrible in all his works
  67. All the ends of the earth shall fear him
  68. His name is JAH
  69. Let their eyes be darkened
  70. Let them say, Aha Aha
  71. When I'm old and greyheaded
  72. His enemies shall lick the dust
  73. What does God know?
  74. Leviathan's heads
  75. The horns of the righteous
  76. A dead sleep
  77. The waters saw God and were afraid
  78. God sent his evil angels
  79. The neighbors are laughing at us
  80. Save us with your shining face
  81. Open your mouth wide and God will fill it
  82. You are gods
  83. Like dung on the earth
  84. God is a sun
  85. Righteousness and peace have kissed each other
  86. The other gods aren't like you
  87. I'll mention Rahab
  88. The dead, whom you remember no more
  89. His right hand is in the rivers
  90. Three score years and ten
  91. Trample the dragon
  92. They shall be fat
  93. The earth doesn't move
  94. The God of vengeance
  95. King of the gods
  96. Fear God (more than the other gods)
  97. Ye gods!
  98. Let the floods clap their hands
  99. Between the cherubim
  100. A joyful noise
  101. I will destroy all the wicked
  102. I've eaten ashes
  103. He satisfies my mouth
  104. All things rude and nasty
  105. He killed their fig trees
  106. They went a whoring with their own inventions
  107. A fruitful land into barrenness
  108. I'll throw my shoe over Edom
  109. Let his children be fatherless
  110. Filling the world with dead bodies
  111. God gives meat to those who fear him
  112. They will gnash their teeth and melt away
  113. He makes barren women keep house
  114. The mountains skipped like rams
  115. Dead people don't praise God
  116. A saint's death is precious to God
  117. Psalmlet
  118. I'll destroy them in the name of the Lord
  119. ALEPH
  120. I'm for peace
  121. Moonburn
  122. Peace in Jerusalem
  123. The heavens
  124. Swallowed up
  125. The rod of the wicked
  126. We were like dreamers
  127. Quiverfull
  128. Your wife will be like a fruitful vine
  129. Like grass on the rooftop
  130. Still Waiting
  131. Like a weaned child
  132. A horn buds in Zion
  133. Oil on Aaron's beard
  134. Lift up your hands
  135. Our god is better than the other gods
  136. God's merciful killings
  137. Happily smashing babies against stones
  138. Before the gods
  139. God is in Hell
  140. Burn them to death
  141. It won't break my head
  142. A cave prayer
  143. No one is justified
  144. God teaches my hands to war
  145. Every living thing
  146. Upside down
  147. Praise is comely
  148. Praise God, ye dragons!
  149. A two-edged sword
  150. With timbrel and dance