Matthew Topical Outline

Chapter 1
The genealogy of Joseph 1:1-17
The birth of Jesus 1:18-24
Chapter 2
The wise men 2:1-12
The flight to Egypt 2:13-15
Herod murders the infants in Bethlehem 2:16-18
The return from Egypt 2:19-21
Jesus's childhood in Nazareth 2:22-23
Chapter 3
John the Baptist 3:1-12
The baptism of Jesus 3:13-17
Chapter 4
Jesus is tempted by the devil 4:1-11
Jesus in Galilee 4:12-25
Chapter 5
The sermon on the mount 5:1-48
Chapter 6
Jesus continues the sermon on the mount 6:1-34
Chapter 7
Jesus continues the sermon on the mount 7:1-29
Chapter 8
Jesus cleans a leper 8:1-4
Jesus heals a centurion's servant 8:5-13
Jesus heals Peter's mother-in-law 8:14-15
Jesus casts out devils and heals the sick 8:16-17
The would-be followers of Jesus 8:18-22
Jesus calms a storm 8:23-27
Jesus casts out some more devils
(by sending them into a herd of pigs who jump off a cliff and drown) 8:28-34
Chapter 9
Jesus heals a paralytic man 9:1-8
Jesus calls Matthew (and explains why he and his disciples don't fast) 9:9-17
Jesus heals a woman and raises a girl from the dead (or wakes her up) 9:18-26
Jesus heals two blind men 9:27-31
Jesus heals a mute man possessed with a devil 9:32-34
Jesus heals every sickness (and prays for more laborers for the harvest) 9:35-38
Chapter 10
The twelve apostles 10:1-4
Jesus instructs the apostles 10:5-42
Chapter 11
John the Baptist asks about Jesus 11:1-6
Jesus on John the Baptist 11:7-19
Jesus condemns certain cities (The ones that didn't like his preaching) 11:20-24
Come to Jesus 11:25-30
Chapter 12
Jesus's disciples pluck grain on the sabbath 12:1-8
Jesus heals a man with a withered hand 12:9-14
Jesus claims to be God's chosen servant 12:15-21
Jesus heals a man possessed with a devil, and makes a little speech 12:22-50
Chapter 13
The parable of the sower 13:1-9
The purpose of the parables 13:10-17
Jesus explains the parable of the sower 13:18-23
The parable of the weeds and wheat 13:24-30
The parable of the mustard seed 13:31-32
The parable of yeast 13:33
He purpose of the parables (again) 13:34-35
Jesus explains the parable of the weeds 13:36-43
Three little parables 13:44-50
Treasures new and old 13:51-52
Jesus is rejected by his hometown 13:53-58
Chapter 14
The death of John the Baptist 14:1-12
Jesus feeds five thousand people (not counting women and children) 14:13-21
Jesus walks on water 14:22-33
Jesus heals the sick in Gennesaret14:34-36
Chapter 15
The Pharisees criticize Jesus's disciples for not washing their hands before eating 15:1-2
Jesus criticizes the Pharisees for not killing disobedient children 15:3-9
Things that defile a person 15:10-20
Jesus removes a devil from a Canaanite woman's daughter (after calling her a dog) 15:21-28
Jesus feeds four thousand men (not counting women and children) 15:29-39
Chapter 16
The Pharisees and Sadducees ask Jesus for a sign 16:1-4
The yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees 16:5-12
Peter declares Jesus to be Christ (and becomes the first pope) 16:13-20
Jesus fortells his death and resurrection (and calls Peter "Satan") 16:21-26
Jesus will come again soon (within the lifetime of some of his listeners) 16:27-28
Chapter 17
The Transfiguraion 17:1-9
John the Baptist is Elijah 17:10-13
Jesus heals a boy possessed by the devil 17:14-21
Jesus fortells his death 17:22-23
Jesus pays his tribute (by taking a coin out of a fishes mouth) 17:24-27
Chapter 18
Who is the greatest? 18:1-6
Cut off your hand and pluck out your eye (if they offend you) 18:7-9
The parable of the lost sheep 18:10-14
What to do with someone who trespasses against you 18:15-17
Special powers given to believers 18:18-20
How many times must we forgive? 18:21-22
The parable of the cruel master 18:23-35
Chapter 19
Divorce 19:1-11
Eunuchs 19:12
Children 19:13-15
The rich young man 19:16-30
Chapter 20
The parable of the unfair employer 20:1-16
Jesus fortells his death (again) 20:17-19
The mother of James and John ask Jesus for a favor 20:20-28
Jesus heals two blind men 20:29-34
Chapter 21
Jesus rides into Jerusalem (on an ass and a colt) 21:1-11
Jesus's temple tantrum 21:12-17
Jesus kills a fig tree (by cursing it) 21:18-22
Jesus stumps the chief priests and elders 21:23-27
The parable of two sons (explaining why publicans and harlots will go to heaven before the chief priests and elders) 21:28-32
A parable about a vineyard (explaining why the chief priests and Pharisees will be ground into powder) 21:
Chapter 22
The parable of the wedding banquet (and the psyco king) 22:1-14
Taxes 22:15-22
There is no marriage in heaven 22:23-33
The greatest commandment 22:34-40
Jesus is not the son of David 22:41-46
Chapter 23
Woe to scribes and Pharisees 23:1-39
Chapter 24
The end of the world 24:1-51
Chapter 25
The ten virgins 25:1-13
The cruel and unjust master 25:14-30
The sheep and the goats 25:31-46
Chapter 26
Jesus predicts his upcoming death (again) 26:1-5
Jesus gets his head anointed (the poor get nothing) 26:6-13
Judas betrays Jesus for thirty pieces of silver 26:14-16
The Last Supper 26:17-30
Peter's promise (and Jesus's prediction) 26:31-35
Jesus prays at Gethsemane (while the disciples sleep) 26:36-46
Jesus is arrested 26:47-56
Jesus is taken to Caiaphas 26:57-68
Peter denies Jesus three times 26:69-75
Chapter 27
Jesus is taken to Pontius Pilate 27:1-2
Judas hangs himself 27:3-10
Jesus is questioned by Pilate 27:11-14
The people prefer Barabbas to Jesus 27:15-26
The soldiers make fun of Jesus 27:27-31
Simon of Cyrene carries Jesus's cross 27:32
Jesus is crucified 27:33-37
The two thieves 27:38-44
Jesus dies 27:45-50
Earthquakes, zombies, and Jesus's burial 27:51-66
Chapter 28
Jesus rises from the dead 28:1-10
The priests bribe the guards 28:11-15
Jesus appears to his disciples (but some doubted) 28:16-20