The Book of Genesis


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1 The first creation account
2 The second creation account
3 Two trees, a talking serpent, and a fearful god
4 Cain kills his brother Abel
The life of Cain
Lamech, a bigamist and a murderer
Adam and Eve have another boy: Seth
5 Adam's family
From Seth to Noah
6 The Sons of God
God Plans the Flood
7 Noah's Ark
The Great Flood
8 The Flood Subsides
Noah's Sacrifice
9 God's Post Flood Instructions
The Rainbow
Noah, the Drunk and Naked
The Curse of Canaan
10 The Descendants of Japheth, Ham, and Shem
11 The Tower of Babel
From Shem to Abraham
Abraham, Sarah, and Lot travel to Haran
12 Abraham travels to Canaan
Sarah lies for Abraham (the first time)
13 Abraham, Sarah, and Lot return to Canaan
Abraham and Lot split up
Lot chooses Sodom for his new home
God promises to give Abraham everything else
14 The Battle of Sodom and Gomorrah
15 God's promise to Abraham
16 Abraham impregnates Sarah's slave, Hagar
Sarah forces Hagar to leave
God sends an angel to retrieve Hagar
Hagar gives birth to a son, Ishmael
17 God's everlasting covenant: Circumcision!
God promises to get Sarah pregnant
Abraham laughs at God
Abraham, Ishmael, and male slaves are circumcised
18 Abraham feeds God and three men
Sarah laughs at God
God wonders if he should tell Abraham about Sodom
Abraham tries to talk God out of it
19 Two angels come to Sodom
The men of Sodom ask to get to know the angels
Lot offers his two virgin daughters
Lot and his family leave Sodom, and God destroys it
Lot's wife looks back, and God turns her into salt
Lot gets drunk and impregnates his daughters
20 Abraham repeats the "She's my sister" lie
God threatens to kill Abimelech and his people
Abraham says it was only a half lie
God opens all the wombs in Abimelech's kingdom
21 God visits Sarah and she concieves
Sarah tells Abraham to abandon his first son, Ishmael
God tells Abraham to do as Sarah says
Abraham does as he's told
Abraham swears to God
22 God tells Abraham to kill his son, Isaac
Abraham prepares to kill his son for God
An angel to the rescue!
God blesses Abraham for his willingness to kill his son
23 Sarah dies
Abraham buries Sarah in a cave
24 Abraham makes his servant swear to God
The servant finds a wife for Isaac - Rebekah
25 Abraham takes another wife - Keturah
Abraham dies, giving all his possessions to Isaac
The generations of Ishmael
The birth of Isaac's sons, Esau and Jacob
Esau sells his inheritance for a bowl of lentil soup
26 God tells Isaac to visit the land of the Philistines
Isaac uses his dad's famous "She's my sister" lie
God blessed Isaac in the land of the Philistines
Isaac digs some wells
Isaac went to Beersheba
Esau married Judith and Bashemath
27 Jacob and Rebekah deceive Isaac
28 Isaac's instruction to his son Jacob: Don't marry a Canaanite
Esau collects a third wife
Jacob dreams on a pillow of stones
29 Jacob and Rachel: The Great Baby-Making Contest
30 The Great Baby-Making Contest continues
Jacob asks Laban to let him leave
Jacob's speckled and spotted cattle caper
31 Jacob runs away from Laban
Laban catches up to Jacob
This heap is a witness
32 Jacob meets God's host
Jacob prepares to meet Esau
Jacob has a wrestling match with God - and wins!
33 Jacob meets Esau
34 Shechem and Dinah
35 Jacob travels to Bethel
Rachel dies
Reuben has sex with his father's concubine
Isaac dies
36 The generations of Esau
37 Jacob loved Joseph more than his other children
Joseph's first dream
Joseph's second dream
Joseph's brothers get rid of Joseph
38 Judah and Shuah
Er, Tamar, and Onan
Judah and Tamar
39 Potiphar buys Joseph
Potiphar's wife
Joseph is imprisoned
40 The king's butler and baker
The butler's dream
The baker's dream
Joseph's interpretations come true
41 Pharaoh's dreams
Joseph interprets the Pharaoh's dreams
Joseph's intrepretations come true
42 Jacob's sons travel to Egypt
Jacob's sons return to Canaan
43 Jacob's sons return to Egypt
44 Jacob's sons leave Egypt
Joseph's divinng cup
45 Joseph identifies himself to his brothers
46 Jacob and his family travel to the land of Goshen
The names of Jacob's family
Joseph meets Jacob and his family
47 Pharaoh invites Jacob and his family to live in Goshen
Joseph collects all the money in Egypt
Joseph swears to bury Jacob in Canaan
48 Jacob's (messed up) blessing of Ephraim and Manasseh
49 Jacob's deathbed speech
Jacob dies
50 Jacob's burial
Joseph's brothers apologize to Joseph
Joseph dies