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Contradictions in the Bible (Short List)

  1. Who was Joseph's father?

  2. Was John the Baptist Elijah?

  3. Was Abraham justified by faith or by works?

  4. Who was Abijam's mother?

  5. In whose name are we to be baptized?

  6. Did Jesus baptize anyone?

  7. Did Jesus tell his apostles to go barefoot and without a staff?

  8. Did David sin?

  9. Was John the Baptist Elijah?

  10. Has anyone ever ascended into heaven?

  11. Is salvation by faith alone?

  12. Who bought the Potter's field?

  13. When did the cursed fig tree die?

  14. Was Jesus the first to rise from the dead?

  15. Did everyone (except for Noah and his family) die in the flood?

  16. When was Jesus crucified?

  17. If Jesus bears witness for himself, is his witness true?

  18. How did Judas die?

  19. What is the correct new moon sacrifice?

  20. Has there ever been a righteous person?

  21. Was Rahab saved by faith or by works?

  22. Does God repent?

  23. Do Christians sin?

  24. Has God ever tempted anyone?

  25. Who tempted David to number the people?

  26. Can God be tempted?

  27. Was it OK to touch the risen Jesus?

  28. Is there an unforgivable sin?

  29. Did the men with Paul hear a voice?

  30. Are we punished for the sins of others?

  31. Where did Moses get water from a rock?