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Henry V's response to Is it OK to use perfume?

Exo 30:37 is clear that the use of the perfume of the specific formula mentioned in Exo 30:34-35 was not to be used for any other purpose than that described in Exo 30:36. It does not say that perfumes in general are forbidden. God is merely reserving one particular formulation of perfume for use in worship at the tabernacle.

(Actually, technician43, the text doesn't say the perfume is only to be used for worship in the tabernacle. It does, however, say that anyone who makes or uses God's special perfume will be exiled.)

Pro 7:17 does not say that a woman who uses perfumes is a whore to God! The passage from which this verse is lifted out of context describes the actions of an unfaithful wife who uses the opportunity of her husband's absence to seduce a young man. Part of her seduction speech is to tell the young man how she's prepared her bed with perfume for their enjoyment. Making use of perfume does not make her a whore. Going after other men besides her husband, cheating on him while he's away, THAT's what makes her a whore. That someone should even have to point out this VERY obvious fact shows that you very wilfully misinterpret scripture in order to find alleged contradictions within it, and you're willing to find even the most ridiculous non-"contradictions" to make your website appear to have found "lots" of contradictions.

(I think you're protesting a bit too much here, technician43. The misogynistic author of Proverbs 7 seems to associate perfume with women who drag perfectly innocent men down to hell.)

Isaiah 3:16-24 does not forbid the use of perfume. Show me where in that passage it forbids the use of perfume, you won't find it! The prophet is describing how the women have become vain and behaving in ungodly ways flirting with men. As punishment he would take away the things in which they gloried: their beauty, their long hair, and their nice smelling perfumes, giving them instead sores on their head, baldness, and a nasty stench.

("And it shall come to pass, that instead of sweet smell there shall be stink." Isaiah 3:24
It's true that the passage doesn't use the term "perfume," but where do you think their "sweet smell" came from?

In any case, it's good to know that "The LORD will smite with a scab the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion, and the LORD will discover their secret parts." Isaiah 3:17)

Isaiah 57:9 is figurative language. The prophet is speaking of the nation of Israel as an unfaithful wife, using figures of speech to describe her rebellion against God. Again, it does not say that using perfumes is forbidden, it just paints a picture of an unfaithful woman preparing herself for adultery, as a picture of Israel going after other "gods" and pagan practices. The way you insist on interpreting scripture, you could also argue that wearing clothes makes one a whore in God's eyes, because whores put on nice clothes just like faithful women do.

(Well, God does seem especially pissed about perfume here, doesn't he? Women who have sex with idols under every tree seem to use a lot of perfume, debasing themselves "even unto hell.")