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Dwindling in Unbelief: Contradictions
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Christian Responses to SAB Contradictions

Several responses to the SAB's contradictions are available on the web.

  • SAB Discussion Board Contradictions Forum
    Several Christian apologists visit the forum where they respond to the contradictions. Waterrock has completed posting responses for the contradictions found in Matthew.

  • The Annotated Skeptic's Annotated Bible
    This site is in blog form, so it doesn't have separate entries for each contradiction. So far the author has responded to Genesis, and is now working on Exodus.

  • The SAB Author Answered
    Responses from Ruth to Isaiah, and from Matthew to 2 Corinthians..

  • LookingUntoJesus.net: Answering the Atheist
    Since the responses are listed by week, they are bit hard to find. But the site has been doing one a week for nearly five years, so responses to most of the SAB's contradictions can be found there.

  • SAB: A Response
    Some of the contradictions (about 40) have individual responses here.

  • Dan of Israel
    Responses to 66 of the SAB's contradictions can be found here.

  • Tektoonics.com
    Although the responses are arranged by book and are, therefore, not easy to find (and many of the links are broken), some of the SAB's contradictions are addressed here.

  • Jason Gastrich's commercial .org response to the SAB
    You've got to pay for Jason's stuff. (And it's not worth it. The free sites that are listed above do a much better job.)

I am adding links to Christian responses at the bottom of each contradiction page. Please let me know of any that I have missed.