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Interpretations of Colossians

  1. "Paul ... to the saints and faithful brethren in Christ which are at Colosse"
    Although Colossians claims to have been written by Paul, most scholars think it was written after his death by one of his followers. 1:1-2

  2. The New World Translation inserts the word 'other' four times in these two verses (although it is not included in the Greek) to support the GB's denial of the divinity of Christ. But adding words to scripture is condemned in Pr 30:6. 1:16-17

  3. "Rejoice in my sufferings for you, and fill up that which is behind of the afflictions of Christ in my flesh."
    The suffering Jesus was not sufficient to satisfy God's wrath, so Paul (or whoever wrote Colossians) had to make up for what was lacking with his own sufferings. 1:24

  4. Is Jesus God? 1:16, 2:9, 3:1

  5. Have Christians been raised with Christ? 2:12, 3:1

  6. Should women have the same rights as men? 3:18

  7. Does God approve of slavery? 3:22, 4:1

  8. "Read the epistle from Laodicea."
    Apparently God intended to include the epistle from Laodicea in the Bible, but it was lost somewhere along the way. There were several letters that claimed to be the lost epistle (and one of these was often included in Latin medieval bibles), but they are considered forgeries today. 4:16