Colossians: Commandments

  1. Don't let anyone spoil you with philosophy. 2:8
  2. Don't obey the laws and commandments of men. 2:10-12
  3. Pay no attention to what you eat or drink. 2:16a
  4. Don't let anyone tell you how to celebrate holy days. 2:16b
  5. Don't let anyone tell you how to celebrate the new moon. 2:16c
  6. Don't let anyone tell you what to do on the Sabbath. 2:16d
  7. Don't think you'll be rewarded for voluntary humility. 2:18a
  8. Don't worship angels. 2:18b
  9. Don't believe in things you haven't seen. 2:18c
  10. Seek things that are above, not on things on the earth. 3:1-2
  11. Mortify your members. 3:5
  12. Don't covet your neighbor's house, slave, ox, ass, etc. 3:5-6
  13. Don't fornicate. 3:5-6
  14. Don't be inordinately affectionate. 3:5-6
  15. Don't be unclean. 3:5-6
  16. Don't have evil concupiscence. 3:5-6
  17. Don't be angry. 3:8a
  18. Don't be wrathful. 3:8b
  19. Don't blaspheme. 3:8c
  20. Don't let any filthy communication come out of your mouth. 3:8d
  21. Don't lie. 3:9
  22. Be merciful. 3:12a
  23. Be kind to one another. 3:12b
  24. Be meek. 3:12c
  25. Be long-suffering. 3:12d
  26. Forbear one another. 3:13a
  27. Forgive others. 3:13b
  28. Do everything with charity. 3:14
  29. Let the peace of God rule your heart. 3:15a
  30. Give thanks. 3:15b
  31. Let the word of Jesus dwell in you. 3:16a
  32. Teach one another. 3:16b
  33. Sing to God. 3:16b
  34. Do everything in the name of Jesus. 3:17a
  35. Thank God. 3:17b
  36. Wives, obey your husbands. 3:18
  37. Children, obey your parents. 3:20
  38. Fathers, don't make your children angry. 3:21
  39. Slaves, obey your masters. 3:22
  40. Whatever you do, do it heartily. 3:23
  41. Masters, give your slaves what is just and equal. 4:1
  42. Pray. 4:2
  43. Walk in wisdom toward nonbelievers. 4:5a
  44. Redeem the time. 4:5b
  45. Know how to answer everyone. 4:6
  46. Read the epistle from Laodicea. 4:16