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Prophecy in Helaman

  1. God prophesies that he will kill the Nephites with war, starvation, and disease within the next 400 years or so. (And I guess if you believe the Book of Mormon, he did with a little help from the Lamanites). 13:9

  2. Another amazing prophecy: In five years the Son of God will come. And this was (according to my motel room version of the BoM) in the year 6 BCE! 14:2

  3. Wow! The night before Jesus was born there were great lights in the sky that made the night as bright as day! 14:3

  4. "And behold this is not all, there shall be many signs and wonders in heaven." 14:6

  5. When Jesus dies (Remember this prophecy was made before Jesus had even been born!) it will be absolutely dark for three days and nights. No sun, moon, stars, candles, or campfires. 14:20, 27

  6. When Jesus dies mountains will become valleys and vice versa, cities destroyed, and dead people will come back to life. 14:23-25

  7. "In the latter times" the Lamanites (Native Americans) will convert to Mormonism. 15:12-13