Apocrypha / Deuterocanonical Books

Baruch (Douay-Reims Bible)

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Cruelty and Violence
Boring Stuff

Dwindling in Unbelief


Baruch: Boring Stuff

  1. Baruch (the son of Neias, the son of Maasias, the son of Sedicias, the son of Sedei, the son of Helcias) read a horrendously boring book to all the people. "And when they heard it they wept."1:1-22

  2. "And when they heard it they wept." 1:5

  3. "And they made a collection of money." 1:6

  4. "And they said: Behold we have sent you money, buy with it holocausts, and frankincense, and make meat offerings, and offerings for sin at the altar of the Lord our God." 1:10

  5. "And read ye this book." 1:14

  6. "And you shall say: To the Lord our God belongeth justice, but to us confusion of our face." 1:15

  7. Justice belongs to God, everyone else gets "confusion of face." 2:6

  8. God sends us evil, "for the Lord is just in all his works." 2:7-9

  9. God commands the Israelites to serve the king of Babylon. 2:21

  10. Despite the prayers of dead people, God curses the living for the sins of their ancestors. 3:4-8

  11. Israel is defiled with the dead and damned to hell for forsaking the fountain of wisdom. If they would have obeyed God, they would have dwelt in peace forever. 3:10-13

  12. Princes that rule over beasts, play with birds, and hoard silver and gold, will be cut off and damned to hell. 3:10-13

  13. The giants died because they lacked wisdom. 3:26-28

  14. Stars rejoice while talking with God. 3:34-35

  15. After the stars rejoiced, God was seen on earth and talked to people. 3:38

  16. God will bring down mountains and fill valleys to make walking easier for Israelites. 5:7