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1 Maccabees (Douay-Reims Bible)

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Cruelty and Violence
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1 Maccabees: Intolerance

  1. Mathathias showed his "zeal for the law" by murdering a man on the altar along with an officer of Antiochus. 2:24-25

  2. Matthathias and his friends gathered an army, slew the sinners, threw down altars, and valiantly circumcised all the uncircumcised children they could find. 2:39-48

  3. "Revenge ye the wrong of your people ... Render to the Gentiles their reward."
    Take revenge on the Gentiles. Kill them all. 2:67-68

  4. Judas Machabeus replaced his father (Mathathias) as the leader of the Jewish terrorists. His first act was to burn "them that troubled his people" (with fire). 3:1-5

  5. "He went through the cities of Juda, and destroyed the wicked out of them." 3:8

  6. Then Judas and his brethren attacked the children of Esau, burned walls and towers in Chebron, destroyed the all the altars and statues in the land of the aliens and strangers, and took the spoils of their cities. 5:65-68

  7. The Israelite priests weep and pray in the temple, asking God to let Nicanor and his army fall by the sword for their blasphemies. 7:36-38

  8. Judas asked God to kill the Nicanor's soldiers the way he killed 185,000 in Sennacherib's army. (Sennacherib supposedly blasphemed God, so God killed 185,000 of his soldiers while they were sleeping. Very resourceful!) 7:40-42

  9. So God helped Judas kill Nicanor and his army. First they killed Nicanor and the rest was easy. All of Nicanor's soldiers threw down their weapons and ran away. The Israelites slaughtered them all as they ran. Then they cut off Nicanor's head and hand and hung them up over Jerusalem. "And the people rejoiced exceedingly, and they spent that day with great joy." (Nothing can cheer God's people up more than a hanging head and hand.) 7:43-48

  10. "The heathens were taken away out of their country." 14:36