40: The Believer

Cruelty and Violence

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Intolerance in Surah 40

  1. Those who disbelieve are the owners of the Fire. 40:6

  2. Allah greatly abhors those who disbelieve. 40:10

  3. Those who ignore Allah's "clear proofs" will be seized and punished severely. 40:22

  4. Those in hell will beg to be relieved from the Fire's torment for just a day. But the prayer of a disbeliever is in vain. 40:49-50

  5. Those who bicker about Allah's revelations are filled with pride. 40:56

  6. Those who scorn Allah will go to hell. 40:60

  7. Those who deny the revelations of Allah are perverted. 40:63

  8. Those who deny the Scripture and Allah's messengers will be dragged through boiling water and thrust into the Fire. 40:70-72

  9. Allah will taunt the Christians in hell, saying: Where are all my parnters that you used to believe in? 40:73

  10. Thus does Allah send astray the disbelievers (in his guidance). 40:74

  11. Those who scorn will go to hell. 40:76

  12. When they see Allah's doom they will believe in Allah. But their faith will not save them. The disbelievers will be ruined. 40:84-85