The Gospel According to Matthew


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1 The genealogy of Jesus Joseph
The birth of Jesus
2 The wise men
The flight to Egypt
Herod murders the infants in Bethlehem
The return from Egypt
Jesus's childhood in Nazareth
3 John the Baptist
The baptism of Jesus
4 Jesus is tempted by the devil
Jesus calls his first disciples
5 The sermon on the mount (Part 1)
6 The sermon on the mount (Part 2)
7 The sermon on the mount (Part 3)
8 Jesus cleans a leper
The centurion's servant
Peter's mother-in-law
Jesus casts out devils and heals the sick
Let the dead bury the dead
Jesus calms a storm
Jesus casts out more devils (and drowns some pigs)
9 A man with palsy
The call of Matthew
Why Jesus and his disciples didn't fast
The ruler's daughter and a woman with an issue of blood
Two blind men
A dumb man possessed with a devil
Jesus heals every sickness
10 The twelve apostles
The mission of the apostles
It'll be worse than Sodom and Gommorah
You'll be hated by everyone
Whom you should fear
If you deny Jesus, he'll deny you (fair is fair)
Don't love your family (more than Jesus)
Be nice to Jesus's followers, and he'll be nice to you
11 John the Baptist: Should we look for another?
Jesus: John the Baptist is Elijah
Jesus condemns certain cities
Come to Jesus
12 The disciples pluck grain on the sabbath
A man with a withered hand
God's chosen servant
Jesus and Beelzebub
The unforgivable sin (blasphemy against the Holy Ghost)
An evil and adulterous generation (asks for a sign)
The return of the unclean spirit
Who is my mother?
13 The parable of the sower
The purpose of the parables (to confuse people)
Jesus explains the parable of the sower
Weeds and wheat
A mustard seed
The purpose of the parables (again)
Jesus explains the parable of the weeds
Three little parables
Jesus is rejected in his hometown
14 The death of John the Baptist
Jesus feeds five thousand men
Jesus walks on water
Jesus heals the sick in Gennesaret
15 The Pharisees criticize Jesus's disciples (for not washing their hands before eating)
Jesus criticizes the Pharisees (for not killing disobedient children)
Things that defile a person
Jesus removes a devil from a Canaanite woman's daughter (after calling her a dog)
Jesus feeds four thousand men
16 A wicked and adulterous generation (asks for a sign)
The yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees
Peter declares Jesus to be Christ (and becomes the first pope)
Jesus fortells his death and resurrection (and calls Peter "Satan")
Jesus will come again soon (within the lifetime of some of his listeners)
17 The Transfiguraion
John the Baptist is Elijah
Jesus heals a boy possessed by the devil
Jesus fortells his death (again)
Jesus pays his tribute (by taking a coin out of a fish's mouth)
18 Who is the greatest?
Cut off your hand and pluck out your eye (if they offend you)
The parable of the lost sheep
What to do with someone who trespasses against you
Special powers given to believers
How many times must we forgive? (490)
The parable of the cruel master
19 Divorce
Little children
The rich young man
Abandon your family for Jesus (and you'll live forever and be rewarded a hundredfold)
20 The parable of the unfair employer
Jesus fortells his death (for the third time)
The mother of James and John ask Jesus for a favor (Special seats in heaven)
Two blind men
21 Jesus rides into Jerusalem (on an ass and a colt)
Jesus's temple tantrum
Jesus kills a fig tree (by cursing it)
Jesus stumps the chief priests and elders
The parable of two sons
A parable about a vineyard
22 The parable of the wedding banquet (and the psyco king)
Pay your taxes
There is no marriage in heaven
The greatest commandment
Jesus is not the son of David
23 Woe to scribes and Pharisees!
24 The end of the world
25 Heaven is like ten virgins
The cruel and unjust master
The sheep and the goats
26 Jesus predicts his upcoming death (for the fourth time)
Jesus gets his head anointed (the poor get nothing)
Judas betrays Jesus (for thirty pieces of silver)
The Last Supper
Peter's promise (and Jesus's prediction)
Jesus prays at Gethsemane (while the disciples sleep)
Jesus is arrested
Jesus is taken to Caiaphas
Peter denies Jesus three times
27 Jesus is taken to Pontius Pilate
Judas hangs himself
Jesus is questioned by Pilate
The people prefer Barabbas to Jesus
The soldiers make fun of Jesus
Simon of Cyrene carries Jesus's cross
The soldiers give Jesus vinegar to drink (mixed with gall)
Jesus is crucified
The two thieves
Jesus dies
Earthquakes, zombies, and Jesus's burial
28 Jesus rises from the dead
The priests bribe the guards
Jesus appears to his disciples (but some doubted)