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Science and History in Mosiah

  1. Lehi, a 7th century Israelite, was taught in the language of the Egyptians. 1:4

  2. The Nephites had to hand over half of their barley to the Lamanites. But that wouldn't have been a big deal since barley didn't exist in the New World at the time. 7:22

  3. Ammon finds ancient swords. If swords existed in pre-Columbian America, why is there no evidence of it today? 8:11

  4. Zeniff and his people plant all kinds of crops, including wheat and barley, neither of which were present until the Europeans brought them to America. 9:9

  5. Zeniff arms his people with swords and cimeters. No evidence for these pre-Columbian weapons has ever been found. 9:16

  6. More swords and cimeters. But no evidence for these pre-Columbian weapons has ever been found. 10:8

  7. "And of their brass and their iron ... fatlings ... and grain." -- none of which existed in the New World before being introduced by Europeans. 11:3

  8. "King Noah built many elegant and spacious buildings" ornamented with gold, silver, iron, brass, copper, and ziff.
    Why is there no evidence for these fancy buildings? There were many of them, decorated with gold and silver. Where are they now? And the metallurgy technology for iron and brass didn't exist prior to European contact. But there was plenty of ziff around at the time so that wouldn't have been a problem. 11:8