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Prophecy in Mosiah

  1. Mosiah tells us one more time about Jesus, who will be born in another 120 years or so. This is the umpteenth time Jesus is prophesied in great detail in the Book of Mormon. It's almost as though the whole thing was written using language that mimicked the King James Version of the Bible by someone living in nineteenth century America. 3:1-27

  2. Devils dwell in the hearts of the children of men. But Jesus will cast them out when he comes. 3:6

  3. When Jesus dies, 150 or so years later, blood will come from every pore. 3:7

  4. Jesus, who wouldn't be born for another 120 years or so, will be both the Son of God and the Father of heaven and earth. 3:8

  5. The Lord says that this (which?) generation will be slain and their bodies will be eaten by vultures, dogs, and wild beasts. 12:2

  6. God will smite his people with sore afflictions, famine, pestilence, and will cause them to howl all the day long. 12:4

  7. Book of Mormon characters love to quote Isaiah using the King James Version of the Bible. So it's not surprising that King Noah's priests test Abinabi by quoting Isaiah 52:7-10 and asking him to explain the passage to them. (Nobody knows what the hell Isaiah means!) 12:20-24