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Science and History in Helaman

  1. The Lamanites (Native Americans) had "an innumerable army" that was armed with swords and cimeters. Yet no evidence for such weapons in the Pre-Columbian New World has ever been found. 1:14

  2. The Nephites "began to cover the whole earth." Yet no evidence for Native Americans of Israelite descent has ever been found. 3:8

  3. The Nephites built cities, temples, synagogues, sanctuaries, "and all manner of buildings." But no trace of them has ever been found. 3:9

  4. The Nephites had a large timber industry. They exported "much by the way of shipping." Of course, there is no evidence for any of this now.

  5. The Nephites built "many cities, both of wood and of cement." No evidence of them exists today. 3:11

  6. The Nephites built ships, temples, synagogues, and sanctuaries. But no one has found any evidence of them. 3:14

  7. The Nepites wrote many books and records "of every kind", but no evidence for them exists today. 3:15

  8. "From the west sea [Pacific], even unto the east [Atlantic]; it being a day's journey for a Nephite." (Nephites could walk 5000 kilometers in one day.) 4:7