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Intolerance in Helaman

  1. Pacumeni was executed for causing rebellion and trying "to destroy the liberty of the people." 1:8

  2. The Nepites "mixed with the Lamanites" and became "wicked, wild, and ferocious, yea, even becoming Lamanites." 3:16

  3. Those who rebelled against the Nephites (Mormons) were killed or "driven out of the land." 4:2

  4. The Nephites became "a wicked people ... wicked even like unto the Lamanites [Native Americans]." 4:22

  5. The Nephites "began to disbelieve ... and the judgments of God did stare them in the face." (God doesn't like disbelievers.) 4:23

  6. God withdrew his miraculous protection from the Nephites because "they had fallen into a state of unbelief." 4:25

  7. The only way anyone can be saved is "through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ." This statement was supposedly made in 30 BCE! 5:9

  8. Those who reject the word of God (the Bible and Book of Mormon?) and "all the preaching and prophesying" are "grossly wicked". 6:2

  9. Those who believe will be saved; those who don't will be damned. 14:29

  10. God loved the Nephites, but hated the Lamanites "because of the iniquity of the tradition of their fathers." 15:3-4

  11. Dwindling in unbelief 15:11, 15

  12. If the Nephites don't repent, God will kill them all for their unbelief. 15:17