Jarom: Absurdity

  1. The fifteen-verse Book of Jarom was, as you might expect, written by Jarom, who was the son of Enos, who was the son of Jacob, who was the son of Lehi, who was a descendant of Joseph, who was the son of Jacob (aka "Israel" in the Bible).

    The purpose of Jarom's little book is to tell you about that.

    Or at least that's what the first verse says. 1

  2. But by the second verse, Jarom has changed his mind. He engraved his words on plates for the benefit of the Lamanites.

    Which was really nice of him. 2

  3. Jarom's not going to tell us about his prophesying or his revelations, though. Which was also nice of him.

    (If you've read any of the previous books of the Book of Mormon, you've heard it all many times over. Jesus will be born centuries in the future and everyone must believe in him--even before he exists--or go to hell.) 2

  4. Jarom says that much needs to be done among his people, because of the hardness of their hearts, the deafness of their ears, the blindness of their minds, the stiffness of their necks, and the fullness of their bladders. God has been exceedingly merciful to them by not killing them all by now. 3
  5. And yet not all Nephites were hard, deaf, blind, stiff, and full. Many received revelations and had communion with the Holy Spirit -- five or so centuries before the Holy Spirit was supposedly given to Christians at Pentecost. 4