The Book of Ether


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1 The 24 plates of Ether
The genealogy of Ether
The Jaredites' language is not confounded
The Jaredites' seed will become the greatest nation on earth
2 The Lord helps the Jared's brother make some barges
3 Jared's brother sees Jesus's finger
4 Jared's brother writes about the things that he saw (Jesus's finger and spirit body)
2600 years later, Moroni records everything Jared's brother saw
Jesus speaks to Moroni
5 The three witnesses
6 The Jaredites discover America
7 Trouble in the land of Moron
8 Jared's daughter dances for her grandfather's head
Those damned secret combinations!
9 Jared becomes king and gives his daughter to Akish
Akish cuts off Jared's head
Akish starves his son to death
Everyone dies in a war (except for 30 survivors)
Emer becomes king and sees Jesus
Heth becomes king by murdering his father
God kills people in a drought
And then sends poisonous snakes to finish them off
The survivors eat the dead bodies of the people God killed
10 War, taxes, whoredoms, and captive kings
11 Prophets warn the people: Repent or God will kill you all
God sends wars, famines, pesitilence (that were worse than anything he'd sent before)
The people begin to repent (but Ahah and Ethem were wicked)
The prophets warn the people again (that God will kill them all this time)
Moron did that which was wicked before the Lord (It had something to do with secret combinations)
12 Ether prophesies great and marvelous things
Moroni speaks somewhat about the usual things
13 The Jaredites reject Ether's preaching
Ether lives in a hole in a rock
14 Secret combinations in a secret pass
15 The end of the Jaredites