The Third Book of Nephi


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1 A night that was a bright as day
2 God lightens the skin of the good Lamanites (Their skin became as white as the Nephites)
3 An invitation to join a secret society
4 A great God-assisted slaughter
5 Mormon introduces himself
6 Evil lawyers and their kindreds
7 Nephi casts out devils and raises his brother (Timothy) from the dead
8 When Jesus died, God went on a rampage
9 A voice (who turns out to be Jesus) speaks to everyone on earth
Jesus kills everyone in sixteen cities
10 How oft have I gathered you as a hen gathereth her chicks?
Jesus had to kill everyone in 16 cities because Zenos and Zenock said that he would
11 Jesus's trip to Bountiful
12 The Bountiful version of the Sermon on the Mount
13 Jesus reads Matthew 6 to his twelve new Nephite disciples
14 Jesus reads Matthew 7 to the Nephites
15 Jesus's other (New World) sheep
16 Write down my saying after I'm gone
17 Jesus's bowels are filled with compassion and mercy
18 Jesus institutes the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
19 The Nephite disciples become as white as Jesus!
20 Jesus feeds the multitude with bread and wine (which is his body and blood)
Then he had a few more things to say
21 Jesus gives us a sign -- The Book of Mormon
Jesus will destroy the unbelievers
22 Jesus reads Isaiah 54 to the Nephites
23 Jesus's new commandment: Study the book of Isaiah
24 Jesus reads Malachi 3 to the Nephites
25 Jesus reads Malachi 4 to the Nephites
26 The Forbidden Teachings of Jesus
27 Jesus names the church after himself
28 The three Nephite disciples that will never die
29 When God sees fit he'll reveal the Book of Mormon
30 Hey all you Gentiles, repent and become Mormons