2 Kings: Interpretation

  1. Did God kill king Benhadad?
    Benhadad was sick, so he sent Hazael to ask Elisha if he would recover. Elisha said to tell the king that he would recover, though God told him that he would die. Hazael returned and delivered the message to the king and then smothered him.

    Seems suspicious, doesn't it? Especially when you consider how much God hated Benhadad. God killed Ahab and his family for not killing Benhadad. Maybe Hazael did the job for God when he smothered him. 8:7-15

  2. Were Jehu and Jehonadab gay? 10:15-17
  3. The Watchtower (Nov 15, 2011) calls Jehu "a champion of pure worship" and a model for disfellowshipping. 10:30
  4. Is magic OK? 18:3-4, 21:6
  5. The only college mentioned in the Bible. 22:14