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1 Peter: Commandments

    Gird up the loins of your mind. 1:13a

  1. Hope for the grace that Jesus will bring when he returns. 1:13b

  2. Don't fashion yourself according to your ignorant former lusts. 1:14

  3. Be holy in all of your conversations. 1:15

  4. Be holy. 1:16

  5. Desire the sincere milk of the word. 2:2

  6. Don't try to satisfy your lusts. 2:11

  7. Let everyone see your good works. 2:12

    Honor every human being. 2:17a

  8. Love the brotherhood. 2:17b

  9. Fear God. 2:17c

  10. Honor the king. 2:17d

  11. Slaves, obey your masters. 2:18

  12. Wives, obey your husbands. 3:1

  13. Women should not braid their hair. 3:1-3a

  14. Women should not wear expensive jewelry. 3:1-3b

  15. Husbands, honor your wife. 3:7

  16. Agree with everyone about everything. 3:8a

  17. Have compassion on one another. 3:8b

  18. Be pitiful. 3:8c

  19. Be courteous. 3:8d

  20. Don't return evil for evil. 3:9a

  21. Bless those who curse you. 3:9b

  22. Bridle your tongue. 3:10

  23. Avoid evil. 3:11a

  24. Do good. 3:11b

  25. Seek peace and persue it. 3:11c

  26. Sanctify God. 3:15a

  27. Be ready to explain your beliefs to anyone who asks. 3:15b

  28. Watch. 4:7a

  29. Pray. 4:7b

  30. Be hospitable 4:9

  31. Don't murder. 4:15a

  32. Don't be a busybody. 4:15b

  33. Don't steal. 4:15b

  34. Don't do evil things. 4:15c

  35. Elders, feed the flock of God. 5:2-3

  36. Young people, submit to your elders. 5:5a

  37. Everyone should be subject to everyone else. 5:5b

  38. Watch out for the devil. 5:8

  39. Greet each other with a kiss of charity. 5:14