1 John: Absurdity

  1. Christians are washed in the blood of Jesus. 1:7
  2. John thinks he is living in "the last times." He "knows" this because he sees so many antichrists around. 2:18
  3. They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us."
    Many Christians interpret this verse to mean that it is impossible for a true believer to become an unbeliever. (They become antichrists instead.) 2:19
  4. Whoever denies "that Jesus is the Christ" is a liar and an antichrist. If so, then there are about five billion antichrists now living. 2:22
  5. John says that whoever sins is "of the devil." But if what he said in 1:8, 10 is true, then everyone is "of the devil." 3:8
  6. How's this for a big lie? "Whatsoever we ask, we receive of him." 3:22
  7. John says that all spirits that say Jesus is the Christ are of God. If so, then the "unclean spirits" in Mark's gospel (1:23-24, 3:11, 5:7) must have been of God. 4:2, 15, 5:1
  8. John says that the antichrist was already present at the time 1 John was written. So Pat Robertson must be wrong when he says the antichrist is a Jewish man that is alive today. 4:3
  9. You're not living unless you've got Jesus. 5:12
  10. "There is a sin unto death." (But nobody knows what it is.) 5:16
  11. Christians are "of God"; everyone else is wicked. 5:19